Brandon Reich

I have dedicated my career to the enterprise technology industry. Along the way, I learned the business system that the big companies used to scale to the next level.

I became certified in it and began teaching it to my colleagues, but there were problems … it was generic and didn’t consider the unique aspects of enterprise technology industries like security, building systems and IT. Additionally, it relied on company leaders to adapt it to their own businesses, which became the biggest barrier to adoption.

So I took everything I learned – through my training and my experience – and I developed my own system. I tested, refined and improved it over time, and – with my teams – deployed it everywhere I went. And it worked REALLY well, resulting in massive transformational growth, profitability and acquisitions for multiple companies.

The big companies invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars developing and training their people in systems like this. I realized that these systems were inaccessible by any company that wasn’t a multinational conglomerate, and it put everyone else at a major disadvantage.

I knew there had to be a better way, and that’s when SecureBI was born.

I can help you or your company develop and take to market products and services that win, deliver outsized customer value and enable you to grow revenue and margins exponentially. I do this through training and coaching services designed to walk you through the process step-by-step, guiding you and your teams to success even if you don’t have the unlimited resources of the big conglomerates.

Who This Is For…


Business leaders, teams or individuals in product management, marketing, sales, engineering and service delivery at enterprise technology companies.

Anyone wanting to accelerate their business and their careers.