Helping Enterprise Technology Companies Achieve Breakthrough Results

Strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, but too many companies neglect and fail to engrain it in every level of their organization or – in the worst case – do it wrong. This leads to

  • Top-down directives led by individuals disconnected from true customer needs
  • Misaligned and disengaged teams that decide to do what THEY believe is best
  • Inability to scale the business and achieve the breakthrough results

We help enterprise technology solutions providers drive transformational change and deliver double- or triple-digit revenue and margin growth in short periods of time.




A blueprint for your teams to develop and take to market solutions that win, deliver outsized customer value and accelerate your profits exponentially




Need guidance and support on a specific project, initiative or acquisition? Bringing your technology to a new industry? I will ensure your success.




Motivating and informing your team, leadership, customers or other audience with experienced guidance and practical insights.