LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 21, 2020 — SecureBI, a strategic advisory firm delivering business intelligence to the security industry, and the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) have established a partnership to bring online crime prevention training and certification courses to law enforcement agencies and security professionals across the country. 

ACPI has pioneered the development and delivery of in-person crime prevention training and certification programs for law enforcement since 1998. With the new online educational offerings, ACPI can provide efficient delivery of content for professional development and certification remotely using video and online communication tools. ACPI certifications are well-respected throughout the public safety arena, demonstrating a commitment to crime prevention and expertise in proactive security strategies. 

“The future of professional development and certification will be driven by the evolution of online technologies and collaboration tools,” said Dan Keller, Executive Director, ACPI. “As an organization dedicated to making learning accessible to everyone, we looked for ways to modernize our course delivery. Partnering with SecureBI allows us to meet demand for our rich library of offerings for law enforcement agencies, and to expand our reach to security industry professionals.”

Initial online courses will be offered live and cover a variety of topics, including:

As additional courses are added to the online collection, a certification track will be developed specifically for security professionals in addition to existing law enforcement certifications.

“APCI and SecureBI both share a dedication to helping leaders achieve their goals through continuing education. As the world transitions to a more remote, online workforce, it is up to us to ensure e-learning opportunities are readily available and easily accessible,” said Brandon Reich, CEO, SecureBI. “This partnership is about a joint vision of simplifying access to certification opportunities and education that enables law enforcement and security industry professionals to validate their expertise and proficiency in creating safe and secure environments.”

Register and learn more at: http://acpionline.com/courses.

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