Today marks a turning point in my life and career as I announce the launch of my new business – Secure Business Intelligence, or SecureBI.

We have a clear mission: To enable success for businesses, investors and individuals working in the physical security industry.

We are not a typical business consulting firm. We are focused exclusively on the unique and unusual nuances of the security industry, with deep experience and expertise building, growing and managing highly successful businesses.

We are also not security consultants – our goal is not to guide you how to secure your facilities, people or assets. There are numerous firms and individuals highly qualified in that discipline, and I would be happy to refer or recommend them.

I personally have worked over 20 years in this industry. During that time, I worked directly with and on behalf of large end users, learning from some of the world’s foremost experts in security, law enforcement and risk management. I also built and led a unique array of small, medium and large technology solutions providers, producing breakthrough business results in every case.

I have the coveted distinction of learning from some of the world’s elite minds in strategy, technology, product marketing and enterprise sales, and I have adapted those disciplines for the security industry. This blend of security practice and business experience makes us extremely unique, and I would like to share that expertise with other organizations.

I have had many opportunities recently for the next phase of my career, and turning them down has been one of the most gut-wrenching decisions of my life. However, I’m extremely excited about SecureBI. Not only will I have the chance to do what I love for multiple organizations, but I am planning future offerings that will bring additional value to this industry to which I have dedicated so much of my life. Please follow me through my website ( to keep up to speed on the latest happenings.

To everyone I have worked with and who has guided me through this process and throughout my career, a heartfelt THANK YOU. I’m looking forward to working with you once again!

To anyone interested in entering, growing or maximizing the value of your business in security, please feel free to reach out at any time.